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Locksmith Overland Park in Overland Park, KS – Panic Bars: Importance in Commercial Property

Many people have used a panic device before without even knowing what it is. For those who do know what it is, you may be able to appreciate its use much more. Regardless of how familiar you are with panic bars, their importance in a commercial property cannot be denied.

If you have been searching for affordable panic bars for your business, come check out the ones that we have in stock at Locksmith Overland Park in Overland Park, KS. Not in our area? We are fairly certain that there is a locksmith in your area that you can count on to install a panic bar for you. Not sure how to find that locksmith? Browse the internet, ask people in your area and we are sure that you will get some good reviews on locksmiths in your area. It’s great to find someone who comes highly recommended!

Now onto the meat of the matter … What Are Panic Bars?

Panic bars are quite self- explanatory. They are used to unlock a door quickly when there is an emergency. Their name really explains what they do. They are bars that people can use when they are in a situation that may cause a lot of panicking.

Many people usually confuse them with exit bars but the two are very different. Unlike exit bars, panic bars utilize a spring mechanism to get the door open. Exit bars, on the other hand, just have a push mechanism in order to get them open. Although they may look similar and perform similar tasks, try not to confuse them.

Panic bars should be an important part of the exterior door mechanism of commercial properties. They are installed on the interior of the door and are very useful when an urgent situation arises because the door can be opened easily by pushing on them.

In some states and cities, businesses are not required to install panic bars unless they are of a certain size or they can hold a certain number of persons. Nevertheless, business owners of smaller properties should not completely disregard the thought of installing these devices. If an emergency arises, they can come in very handy amidst all the chaos and confusion that may occur.

Why Are They Important?

Many business owners may be on the fence about installing panic bars because they are thinking of the expense. But, consider this- if an emergency arises on your commercial property, would you want people to be able to exit quickly? If your answer is yes, we hope that you have started to determine your budget for the panic bar you are about purchase.
So, why do we think that all business places should install panic bars? Here are just a few reasons.

  • Quick exit in an emergency

One of the quickest ways to exit a building during an emergency is by using a panic bar. How come? In an emergency, you never know if there will be any power or how it will affect the functioning of your exterior doors. With a panic bar installed, your employees and clients will be able to push on that spring mechanism and get the door open quickly.

Remember, when there is an emergency, as much as you may have planned and hoped for some form of organized exit, people will panic. The best and easiest way to make sure that they leave your building quickly and safely is with the use of a panic bar.

  • Prevent injuries during emergency exit

How can a panic bar prevent injury, you may be asking? Well, it really doesn’t do it directly. However, because of how quickly the door can be opened, it may prevent people from piling up at the door to figure out how to exit. In this way, it can prevent injury. As a business owner, this should be good news to your ears.

  • They’re effective

As long as they’re installed correctly, panic bars will be effective for many years to come. What’s important about their installation is that you let a professional do it. Locksmiths know how to install panic bars well. If you have a panic bar that you are ready to install, call on a locksmith in your area to do it for you.

  • They can lower insurance costs

Nowadays insurance rates can be so high. If you can find a way to lower your insurance rate while adding benefit to your commercial property, why would you not jump at the opportunity? The more safety precautions that you implement at your business, the lower your insurance premium will be. How about installing a panic bar so you can reap benefits from your insurance company?

  • They’re an affordable option

Contrary to the belief of many business owners, panic bars are quite affordable to purchase and install. Although there are some options that may cost a few hundred dollars, there are many options that are less expensive. Moreover, because they last so long, you won’t have to worry about replacing them for many years to come. And, if they receive proper care and maintenance, they may not require any repair service either.

  • You can get them in different varieties

Why is variety important? It’s because you can get panic bars in different sizes and types. No matter what type of door you have, there is a panic bar that can fit it. Plus, the size and type of panic bar also plays a very important role in its cost.

There are three main types of panic bars that you can choose from:

  • Traditional touch bar
  • Contemporary touch bar
  • Economical touch bar

Each type has its own set of advantages and features that may draw you to it. Make sure you check them all out before you choose which one you want to purchase.

Should You Get Panic Bars for Your Commercial Property?

There is only one word to answer this question- DEFINITELY! No matter what size or type of business you own, they may come in handy at some point or another. When you are ready to install the panic bar, give us a call at Locksmith Overland Park in Overland Park, KS.